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Letter 8369

Stanley, M. C. to Darwin, C. R.

4 June 1872

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    Sackville Cecil would like to be present with Francis Galton at one of William Crookes's séances. Can CD arrange it?


23. St. James's Square. | S.W. June 4/72 Dear Mr. Darwin

Sackville would be extremely pleased to be allowed to be present with Mr Galton at a Séance of Mr Crookes'.—tho' he doubts being able to form any opinion without going thoroughly into the Evidence, & this,—with the work he has in hand would not be possible.

But the truth is I am very eager Sackville should be at one of Mr Crooke's séances, & if you think it likely, Mr C. wd. allow him to go with Mr. Galton— wd. it be asking too much of you to try to arrange it? Sackville is very sceptical on the point but very curious— I am all ready to hear of a new force & very curious indeed.

Alas' nothing tempts Mr Alexander— he is determined to come to Holwood next June.

Believe me | Yrs very sincerely | M C Derby

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