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Letter 8354

Darwin, C. R. to Galton, Francis

27 May [1872]


Agrees to care for FG’s rabbits and will breed from them.

Plans to go to Southampton for ten days.


Down, | Beckenham, Kent.

May 27th

My dear Galton

We shall be very happy to keep the 4 Rabbits & breed from them.— I havejust spoken to my former groom (now converted into a footman)f2 & he sayshe will do his utmost to keep them in good health.— I have said thatyou would give him a present, & make it worth his while; & that of courseis the sole expense that you will be put to; & I have thought thatyou would prefer doing this to letting me do so, as I am most perfectlywilling to do.—

If you will send an answer by return of Post, I will direct our Carrier,f3 wholeaves here every Wednesday night to call on next Thursday morningat whatever place you may direct. Next week, we shall probably be atSouthampton for 10 days.—f4

We have now got 2 litters from some of the young ones which yousaw here; & my man says that in one litter there are some odd white marksabout their heads; but I am not going again to be deluded about theirappearance, until they have got their permanent coats.f5

Yours most sincerely | In Haste for Post | C. Darwin

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The year is established by the relationship between this letter andthe letter from Francis Galton, 26 May 1872.
CD may refer to William Jackson, a former groom who became hisbutler in 1875 (J. Browne 2002, p. 459), or Mark Ansell, a groom at DownHouse in 1871 (Census returns of England and Wales 1871 (The NationalArchives: Public Record Office RG11/855/83/1).
George Snow.
CD and Emma Darwin visited their eldest son, William ErasmusDarwin, in Southampton from 8 to 20 June 1872 (CD’s ‘Journal’(Appendix II)).
See letter to Francis Galton, 23 January [1872] and n. 2. Galtonprobably visited Down to see the rabbits in November 1871 (see Correspondence vol. 19, letter from Francis Galton, 24 November 1871).
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