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Letter 8322

Tegetmeier, W. B. to Darwin, C. R.

13 May 1872

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    Has found the skull of the horned cock.

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    With regard to CD's suggestion about the possibility of producing a pigeon breed with differently coloured sexes, WBT reports the results of crossing blue and silver dragons; the silver offspring are almost always hens.

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    Would like the latest edition of the Origin.

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    Encloses notes on volume one [of Descent].

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    Encloses a photograph showing the bleaching effect of the sun's rays on dun feathers in pigeons.


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Vol I Notes for Mr Darwin

page 19… A very strong athlete whom I described in the Field (    ) had the power of throwing the neck into deep fissures by the contraction of the platysma.

page 25. May not the fœtal lanugo be regarded as analogous with the temporary fœtal hair of certain mammals—that which is shed at birth. ex seal in which it is shed in enormous quantity.

page 39 Terror causes feathers on head of cowardly game cock or hen to be raised, a mark of cowardice recognised by cock fighters

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[Plate here: DAR 193: 22]

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