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Letter 83

Owen, F. M. (a) to Darwin, C. R.

[8 Sept 1830]

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    Papa has been expecting CD to come and slay some partridges.

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    Has heard CD has a horse 18½ hands high.



Dear Charles—

Papa has been rather expecting you here this Week to slay some of his Partridges but I suppose you have had good sport at Maer & did not return so soon as you intended— I now write by Papa's desire to tell you that he started to London this evening he will not be absent more than five or six days & hopes to see you here when he returns— he is gone to Haleybury to see Arthur, who I am sorry to say poor fellow has been getting into scrapes—so Papa thought he had better go himself instead of writing any more— Only fancy poor Arthur's astonishment when he sees the Governor step out of the Coach! I wouldn't be him for something I know—

Of course the Beetles gave way to the Partridges at Maer but I hope you have had good sport in some way I have been riding every day lately. Goldfinder quite invaluable.— How does yr. Stupendous Animal turn out? I hear Mr. Wynne was determin'd to make it up to you for waiting so long, & got the largest Shropshire afforded 18 hands & 1/2 high without his Shoes —is this true? I assure you I heard it as a fact—no horrid Woodhouse joke indeed

Enough of this scribbling a bad pen thru'out—& I have no knife to mend it

Believe me dr. Charles | very truly yrs. | Fanny Owen

Best love to the Sisterhood— *S 2

Wednesday night—

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