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Letter 8235

Darwin, C. R. to Eyton, T. C.

4 Mar [1872]


Thanks for facts about ducks.

Thinks TCE will be converted to principle of evolution if he continues testing facts for and against it. Natural selection is another question.


Down, | Beckenham, Kent. [9 Devonshire Street, London.]

March 4th

Dear Eyton

I know that you disbelieve in evolution, & therefore it is all thekinder your sending me the note about the Ducks. It is curious howmuch easier it seems to be for plumage to alter than any other visiblecharacter.f2

If you continue testing facts as favouring or opposed to the principle ofevolution, I think that you will become a convert; but whether you willbelieve in natural selection is another question.— If you do not,you will, I believe, find it impossible to account for the innumerableadaptive structures everywhere to be seen.— It is really astonishing howrarely I now meet with any naturalist who does not admit evolutionunder some form.—

Pray believe me, dear Eyton | yours sincerely | Ch. Darwin

Cadbury Research Library: Special Collections, University of Birmingham (EYT/1/43)



The year is established by the printed stationery, which is of astyle that CD used between January 1872 and November 1874, and by therelationship between this letter and the letter from T. C. Eyton, 29 February [1872]. The 29 February letter from Eyton has no year on it,but the date 29 February occurs only in leap years; the only leap yearbetween 1872 and 1874 inclusive was 1872.
See letter from T. C. Eyton, 29 February [1872].
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