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Letter 8194

Gray, Asa to Darwin, C. R.

2 Feb 1872

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    Notes the occurrence in U. S. of "vermiform piles" produced by earthworms.


Botanic Garden, | Cambridge, Mass.

Feb. 2. 1872

My Dear Darwin

Your note of the 15th ult. just in.

I have read it to two good observers,—who say the ``vermiform piles'' are common enough here,—and I should think, if not as common as with you thro' the season, it was owing to interruption in the dry part of our hot summer.

I know nobody now at hand here who could give a comparison with your country. Perhaps I may find some one in Canada to ask.

Now, pray don't run off on some other track till you have worked out and published about Drosera & Dionæa

My wife joins in kindest regards to you and yours | Ever Yours sincerely | Asa Gray

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