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Letter 8091

Story-Maskelyne, M. H. N. to Lubbock, John

3 Dec [1871]

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    Asks JL to obtain copies of CD's botanical works for his wife.


112 Gloucester Terrace | Hyde Park W

Decr. 3.

My dear Lubbock

The memoirs I spoke to you about of Mr. Darwin's that my Wife is anxious to obtain for her botanical studies are

On the dimorphism of Linum

On climbing plants and

A supplement to the `Fertilisation of Orchids'; of this last she possesses the volume to which it is supplemental but has not the supplement.

If you can obtain these or any of them for my wife you will be doing her a considerable kindness; and I am sure if Mr. Darwin was acquainted with her and knew with what interest she has followed his work and his developement of the botanical questions discussed in these papers he would gladly give her the copies if he has them to spare.

Believe me to be | Ever your's very truly | Nevil S Maskelyne.

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