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Baranoff, W. & Koch, Heinrich to Darwin, C. R.

27 Oct 1871

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    Correspondents are giving public lectures on Descent. Would like CD to supply a statement of his religious views for inclusion.


Der Psychologische Verein zu Dresden.

27. Octbr. 1871.

Great Champion in the war of mind!

Honored Sir,

As you see from the concluded advice, we are reading some lectures on ``descent of man'', and have spredd in this town without any restraint or altering your mighty ideas.

In the last lecture we shall try to view the world from the point of Darwinism, and to make out the principles, which must have a Darwinist on future life, God (as a creator of ``materie'') and so on.

That task is very difficult; but the price is worth the task, as we shall win by this those numberous good men, who do shrink back from your ideas, because they think, a Darwinist must be base and godless!!!

We shall plead for a God's action in the world, by fully maintaining your principles. Of course, that ``God the creator'' which we shall teach will be quite another being, as taught by the priests.

We beg you in the name of the good cause to help us and to tell us some of your thoughts on this point. Surely you are more clear than we on this point and it will be easy to prove, that a Darwinist may be as good a religious man as any other. In your ``descent of man'' is said little on this point; there could be, it is our humble opinion, somewhat more.

The this days newspapers contain many amusing articles against us, written by the counterparty.

We should be happy, if we might receive an answer; and, if you will be so kind, to add a small photography, in order to have a likeness of you. In our books ``the species'' and the ``descent of man'' there is no portrait, whilst in the fifth german edition of the first book is added your portrait.

We present you our love and regard and are, expecting an answer, | Yours | Dr. W. Baranoff, | Heinrich Koch.

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    Baranoff and Koch's lecture series was entitled `Die Abstammung des Menschengeschlechts und damit zusammenhängende Fragen' (The origin of the human race and additional related questions) and was published in Blätter des Psychologischen Vereins zu Dresden 1871 pp. 73--85, 89--103 and 105--114; there are lightly annotated copies in the Darwin Pamphlet Collection--CUL.
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    The most recent German edition, the fourth (Carus 1870), was translated from the fifth English edition (Origin 1869); the fifth German edition (Carus 1872) had yet to appear.
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