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Letter 7860

Darwin, C. R. to Galton, F. A. V.

12 July [1871]


Thanks his aunt for a note about a picture bought by CD’s sons.


Down, | Beckenham, Kent.

July 12th

My dear Aunt

I am very much obliged to you for your great kindness in writingto me in your own hand. My sons were no doubt deceived & the picture-selleraffixed the name of a celebrated man to the picture for the sake of gettinghis price.—f2

Your note is a wonderful proof how well some few people in this worldcan write & express themselves at an advanced age.f3 It is enough to makeone not fear so much the advance of age, as I often do, though you mustthink me quite a youth!—

With my best thanks, pray believe me with muchrespect | Your affectionate nephew | Charles Darwin

UCL Library Services, Special Collections (Galton/39)



The year is established by the printed stationery, with the addresson the right, a form that CD used from May 1871 until January 1872.
Galton’s letter to CD has not been found, and nothing more is knownabout the incident she was writing about.
Galton was 88 years old.
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