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Letter 7801

Innes, J. B. to Darwin, C. R.

5 June 1871

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    On Down parish matters.


Blessington House | Lee Kent

June 5th. 1871—

Dear Darwin,

Your kind letter has made a round by Milton and back here. I am only in Town for a very few days on business, and have left the wife at home. She writes me she has put up Horsman's documents safely and you shall have them again if wanted. After I sent them to you I found the one from Hale at the time Horsman was in prison, saying the Chaplain doubted his sanity.

I have not heard lately from Powell. He had an idea, some time back, of exchanging with one Mr. Ffinden, which required my consent. I gave it, rather unwillingly, first because the transaction between Mr. Ffinden and Mr Gilman, the patron of the living he was to get, did not quite approve itself to me; and because, though I heard all good of Mr. Ffinden's moral character, his clerical ability was not stated as very high; he had however capital testimonials to his wife's qualifications, and I consented, but it fell through, and as I do not choose to have Downe hawked about, I do not consent again and I suppose Mr Powell will stay till he gets something better.—

I should have liked to get a day to see you but fear I shall not manage it, as I have more places to go to than days to go in. I leave this I think this afternoon for Berks. Knight Bruce is down north of me at a fishing at Durness and says he is to look me up on his way South

I expect Johnny from Cambr today and suppose we shall go North together soon

With kind regards to you all Believe me | Faithfully yours | J Brodie Innes

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