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Letter 767

Darwin, C. R. to R. Geogr. Soc.

[30 July 1844 – 1 Oct 1846]

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    Urgently needs a Spanish map of the Cordilleras of central Chile near St Jago [Santiago].


Down near Bromley | Kent

Tuesday Morning

My dear Sir

I shd feel particularly obliged to you, if you would take the trouble to search to see whether there is in the possession of the Society, a Spanish Map, by “La Cruz” of the Cordillera of central Chile near St. Jago: It is one of the best, & I am in the greatest need of it.— If you can find it, wd you send it directed to me, at the Athenæum, not later than 12 oclock on Thursday when I shall call there on my way home.

My dear Sir | Yours very truly | C. Darwin

P.S. Shd you have any map, of the Cordillera of Chile, I shd be very glad to see it.—

The rock-specimens have not been yet sent to the Geolog. Soc. for me.

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    f1 767.f1
    The date range is that of the writing of South America. See ‘Journal’ (Correspondence vol. 3, Appendix II): ‘July 27th—/44/—/Began S. America.’ The first Tuesday after 27 July was 30 July.
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    The map was drawn by William Desborough Cooley based on the diary of Luis de la Cruz (Cruz 1835), who, in 1806, travelled across the Andes to Buenos Aires. CD complained that maps of the area differed from each other and were ‘all exceedingly imperfect’ (South America, p. 176).
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