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Letter 766

Darwin, C. R. to Wedgwood, Josiah, III & Darwin, E. A.

25 July 1844

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    Requests to JW III and EAD as trustees of the marriage-settlement, to make some funds available.



We hereby request you to pay the sum of five thousand pounds now in your hands, being trust-money under our marriage-settlement, to Thos: Salt Esq: for the disposal of Dr Darwin.

Charles Robert Darwin

Emma Darwin
July 25th 1844

I hereby notify my assent to the above Arrangement

E. A. Darwin.

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    The trustees of the marriage settlement of CD and Emma.
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    Of the Shrewsbury law firm of Dukes and Salt.
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    The money was part of a £20,000 sum, made over to Robert Waring Darwin by CD and Emma, which formed the basis of a mortgage loan to Edward Herbert, 2d Earl of Powis, negotiated on 14 November 1844 (R. W. Darwin's Investment Book (Down House MS), pp. 57, 70).
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