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Letter 754

Darwin, C. R. to Hooker, J. D.

1 June [1844]

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    Asks if J. E. Gray has returned [printing] estimates for Zoology.

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    Henslow has some Galapagos plants which he forgot to forward to JDH.


Down near Bromley Kent

June 1.

My dear Hooker

I write to ask you whether Gray returned you the estimates of the Zoology of Beagle's Voyage & if so, would you be so good, if you have quite finished with them, return them to me.— If Gray has not returned them, I must write to him myself at once, for I begged him to send them you soon back.— I am in no sort of hurry for them, only I shd be sorry they shd be lost. How busy you must be now: Your publication has commenced much earlier, than I expected— I hope you will not work too hard; I well remember, when I thought it utter nonsense to talk of 8 hours being too much, but I now find 2 more than I can stand— You must be greatly tempted, I am sure, to overwork yourself, so do take care.— I heard from Henslow some month or two ago, saying he had found a lot of Galapagos plants, which he had omitted to forward to you.— this must put your calculations out.—

I have been away from home, the last six weeks, & have now on my return been reading over some of your geographico-botanical letters, with renewed interest.

Will you send me one line about my Papers & believe me, very truly your's | C. Darwin

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    The first number of J. D. Hooker 1844–7 was published 1 June 1844 (Wiltshear 1913).
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