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Letter 7476

Darwin, C. R. to Gray, Asa

5 Feb [1871]

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    Sends questions on expressions of Laura Bridgman.

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    Has finished Descent. Believes that parts, like that on moral sense, will aggravate AG.

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    Working on an essay on expression.


Down. | Beckenham | Kent. S.E.

Feb. 5th

My dear Gray

It is a shame to trouble so hard-worked a man; but if you can, (which is doubtful) will you send the enclosed to any one who has charge of Laura Bridgeman, & beg for an answer, with any details, to the one query viz nor 13.— I shd very much like to know how this is. I have been reading Lieber's paper, & I see he states that L.B. when astonished, raises both hands with fingers apart, & open palms directed towards the person causing astonishment. This has led me to enquire about the gesture of impotence, ie shrugging the shoulders with its accessories.—

I have finished my book on the ``Descent of man &c'', & its publication is delayed only by the Index: when published, I will send you a copy, but I do not know that you will care about it. Parts, as on on the moral sense, will I daresay aggravate you; & if I hear from you, I shall probably receive a few stabs from your polished stiletto of a pen.— Pray give my kindest remembrances to Mrs. Gray: I am now at work on my essay on Expression, & I have found her few notes of great use.

Yours most truly | Ch. Darwin

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