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Letter 7445

Darwin, C. R. to Innes, J. B.

18 Jan [1871]

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    CD's anxiety about being examined in court if Horsman [former curate at Down] brings suit. He doubts it will happen, but if so will defend himself to utmost.

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    Has pleasant recollections of his relations with JBI.


Down. | Beckenham | Kent. S.E.

Jan 18th

My dear Innes

I was truly obliged for your kind & extremely pleasant letter. I was at first awfully annoyed: I really think being examined in court wd half-kill me.— I have had no communication with Mr Horsman; but my solicitor from what I cd. told him, thought the man wd. never be such a fool, as to bring the case into court. He advises me to take no trouble till he hears from Mr. Horsman's solicitors that he is earnest.—

I have already heard of 3 unpaid debts in this village.

If things go on I will apply to Lubbock for chance of his having preserved the letters to which you refer.— If I have to defend myself, I will push things to extreme. I heard that he bolted from Hotel at Torquay, after leaving Down, without paying his bill.— I suspect that Mr Robinson is the informant, as he is now in this neighbourhood—curate at Brasted, & is a friend of Horsman's. If he is informant, it is too bad, for I remember explaining to Mr R, why people wd not pay subscriptions for School &c to him, only to me, & why persons did not call on him, as his predecessor had been a mere swindler. Poor little Mr R. will look like a fool, if asked in court why he left Down.— I believe & hope that you will prove right, & that the case will never come to trial. Certainly we have been unfortunate in Mr H. & Mr R. Mr Powell is, I think, a thoroughly good man & gentleman. Does good work of all kinds in the Parish, but preaches, I hear, very dull sermons. I shd. be a wonderful brute, if I had one single unpleasant recollection of an association with your name. We often differed, but you are one of those rare mortals, from whom one can differ & yet feel no shade of animosity,—& that is a thing which I shd feel very proud of, if anyone cd. say of me.—

Farewell with very kind remembrances to Mrs Innes & your son | Yours very sincerely | Charles Darwin

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