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Letter 7433

Wedgwood, Francis to Darwin, C. R.

9 Jan 1871


Appearance and depth of furrows in old field.



Jan 9 1871

Dear Charles

My letter shows how writers with the matter clear in their own headsmanage to write obscurely to readersf1

The cross section was put in to save writing & has signally failed— itshows the width of the ridges between the furrows marked A

The depth of the furrows by a line stretched from summit to summit atthe bottom of the slope marked B

The depth of the furrows at the top of the slope taken in the sameway marked C

The D & E only show that the 2 trenches were not cut across the same furrow.The depth of the furrow cut across at D above the bridle road is 434 inchesas given. The depth of the furrow cut across at E below the bridle road is (not634 as above the bridle road) but 614—probably only an accidentalvariation

The “difference in the soil top & bottom” should be written

“There is a difference in the color & fineness of the soil betweenthe surface & the bottom of the trenches but so gradual &c”

I hope I have made it plain—if not send it me back & I will—

Your affectionate brother | F Wedgwood

DAR 181: 51



See letter from Francis Wedgwood, 4 January 1871.
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