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Letter 742

Darwin, C. R. to Hooker, J. D.

16 Mar [1844]

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    Asks JDH to forward publishing information to J. E. Gray.

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    Has received JDH's infusorial specimens for Ehrenberg.


Down Bromley Kent

March 16th

My dear Hooker

I have had a note from J. Gray of Brit. Mus: asking for information about my system of publication. As it wd be a long story to tell him, I have said, that you would in a few days send him, the bundle of papers, which I sent you, & I asked him to return them to you.— I hope this will not inconvenience you.— I received from London (as I had occasion to send there) your infusorial specimens for Ehrenberg—I am astonished that I have not yet heard from him.— Your specimens anyhow shall be carefully preserved—I fear they are rather too bulky to go to Berlin, & I understand, that merest scraps are sufficient.— Any part, which I find I cannot send, shall be returned to you.

Ever yours | C. Darwin

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    John Edward Gray, presumably inquiring for Richardson and Gray 1844–75.
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