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Letter 7403

Darwin, C. R. to Sclater, P. L.

29 Dec [1870]


CD is obliged for PLS’s correction [of Descent proofs]. Will add a caption to the woodcut [of the wart-hog] since it is too late to make a new one.


Down. | Beckenham. | Kent. S.E.

Dec. 29th

My dear Mr Sclater

I am infinitely obliged for all your corrections, but it is ahorrid shame to spoil even an hour of your holidays, for holidaysmust, I am sure, be rare with you.—f1

I had some misgivings about the Moschidæ.—f2

It is rather a bad job about the woodcut. It wd. drive Murraymad, if I proposed to delay for a new woodcut, though it is verykind in you to propose to help me in this manner.—

I will append, beneath the cut, as follows, in parenthesis

(I find that this drawing represents the head of a female, but itserves to show on a reduced scale the characters, of the male.)f3

If I do not hear from you, I will assume that thisparenthesis is correct & will insert it— I was at the timerather surprised that the tusks were not larger, but supposed thedrawing was of rather young male. One & 12 or 34 sheetswill I believe complete your labours.—

Yours most heartily obliged | Ch. Darwin

I will send next sheets, when received, to Hanover Sqe, marked“to be forwarded”.—f4

What a rich & capital volume the last in your Proceedings—f5

Zoological Society of London



See letters to P. L. Sclater, 5 December 1870 and n. 1, and 26 December [1870]. Sclater presumably made his corrections directly onthe proof-sheets of Descent.
Moschidae is the family of musk deer. CD mentioned Moschusmoschiferus in Descent 2: 280.
CD refers to his publisher, John Murray, and to the woodcut of thehead of an Ethiopian warthog (Descent 2: 265 fig. 65). The text inparentheses was inserted as CD suggested.
The headquarters of the Zoological Society of London were inHanover Square.
CD refers to the Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London.
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