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Letter 7379

Darwin, C. R. to Sclater, P. L.

21 Nov [1870]


Sends two sheets [of Descent] for correction of names of birds. PLS will save him many disgraceful misspellings. Descent now being prepared in five foreign editions.


Down. | Beckenham | Kent. S.E.

Nov. 21

My dear Mr Sclater

I send today two sheets, but the first few pages do not relate toBirds. I hope the corrections will not much interfere with thefacity of reading.f2

Kindly look to footnotes, as they often include names. If youfind only names to correct (which is almost too good to be hoped for) pleasereturn the sheets to Messrs. Clowes, whose address is given atfoot of first page, as this will save time.f3 If there are moreserious corrections please return the sheets here

You will save me from making many disgraceful misspellings, which would havebeen widely spread, for 5 foreign editions are now preparing.f4

Yours very gratefully | Ch. Darwin

Zoological Society of London



The year is established by the relationship between this letter andthe letter to P. L. Sclater, 9 November 1870.
Sclater had offered to read the proof-sheets of the sections ofDescent concerning birds and mammals (see letter to P. L. Sclater,11 November [1870] and n. 2.
William Clowes & Sons were printing Descent.
Descent was being translated into German by Julius Victor Carus(Carus trans. 1871; see letter from J. V. Carus, 2 October 1870); intoFrench by Jean Jacques Moulinié (Moulinié trans. 1872; see letter toJohn Murray, 26 September 1870); into Russian by Vladimir OnufrievichKovalevsky (letter from V. O. Kovalevsky, 22 November 1870; thistranslation was never published); and into Dutch by Hermanus HartoghHeijs van Zouteveen (Hartogh Heijs van Zouteveen trans. 1871–2; seeletter from Hermanus Hartogh Heijs van Zouteveen, 27 November 1870). A USedition was also being prepared (Descent US ed.; see letter from AsaGray, 14 February 1870 and n. 5; letters from E. L. Youmans, 25 September 1870).
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