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Letter 7355

Darwin, C. R. to Cupples, George

3 Nov [1870]


Will collect the “precious animal” [deerhound puppy] from King’s Cross.

Thanks GC for information on the perch.


Down. | Beckenham | Kent. S.E.

Nov. 3d

My dear Mr Cupples

A servant shall be at King’s Cross on Tuesday 8th. at 9 a.m.ready to receive the precious animal.f2 He shall then take him tosome inn & give him water & let him loose for a short time in astable, & then bring him here at once. So please direct C. Darwin“to be called for”.— We are all infinitely obliged for thisvaluable present & for your most clear instructions which we willendeavour to keep to the letter.

You have been most kind to take so much trouble in giving us suchfull particulars.

With many thanks | Yours very sincerely | Ch. Darwin

Is the Hamper worth returning? or will you not let me pay for it?

Thanks about the Perch: I cannot but suspect some error; thoughSerranus is an ally of the Perch & has often been said on good authorityto be an Hermaphrodite, but Dr Günther does not believe evenin this case, except as an abnormality—f3

Postmark: ‘Beckenham NO 3 70’
Smithsonian Institution Libraries: Dibner Library ofHistory of Science and Technology



The year is established by the relationship between this letter andthe letter from George Cupples, 8 October 1870.
Cupples was sending a Scottish deer-hound puppy; see letterfrom George Cupples, 8 October 1870. Cupples’s letter announcing thedate and time of the puppy’s arrival in London has not been found.
Cupples’s letter about perch has not been found. CD mentionedAlbert Günther’s view of Serranus in Descent 1: 208 n. 25. ThePercidae (perch) and the Serranidae (of which Serranus is a member)are both families in the order Perciformes.
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