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Letter 7353

Fox, W. D. to Darwin, C. R.

28 Oct [1870]


Has heard of CD’s forthcoming book [Descent] from J. D. Hooker.

Leaves next week for winter quarters in Sandown.


Delamere Rectory | Northwich | Cheshire

Oct 28

My dear Darwin

What an age it is since we have met, or even corresponded.f2 I haveoften thought of you and wished to write, but knowing how much youare engaged, I have not done so. Dr Hooker told me a few weeks since,that you are going to astonish us all very shortly by a new work.f3I shall anxiously look for it. There is such a freshness about yourBooks that I never tire of them, & when tired & worn out, take downa Volume, with the certainty that I shall soon be relieved from presenttroubles.

I now write in consequence of our having lost the direction of aGoverness, which we believe Mrs Darwin applied to us to help.If we are right in Mrs Darwin being the Applicant—She will fillup the enclosed for 3 Votes at the proper place. We applied toseveral others I believe, & I hope they have kept the name & properlyapplied. Should we be wrong in imagining Mrs Darwin to be theapplicant—you will kindly return the paper.f4

We go next week to our Winter Quarters at Sandown in Isle of Wight—stayingsome days with Mrs Fox’s Father at Hampstead.f5

Should you, by any accident be in London about that time I shouldgreatly enjoy five minutes intercourse with you.

Tell Mrs Darwin, with our kindest regards, to reply to this letter,and Believe my old & much valued Friend to remain Yours always |W. D Fox

DAR 164: 191



The year is established by the relationship between this letter andthe letter to W. D. Fox, 15 November [1870].
The most recent extant letter between Fox and CD is the letter toW. D. Fox, 18 February [1870].
The references are to Joseph Dalton Hooker and Descent.
Correspondence between Emma Darwin and W. D. Fox or Ellen SophiaFox regarding a governess and her address has not been found.
Ellen Sophia Fox’s father was Basil George Woodd of HillfieldHouse, Hampstead (Darwin pedigree).
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