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Letter 7339

Murray, John (b) to Darwin, C. R.

10 Oct [1870]


Cannot find the [indelicate] passage he referred to in last letter.

Various publication arrangements.


50, Albemarle St. | W.

Octr 10th

Dear Mr Darwin

I enclose you Mr Dallas reply respecting your Index—wchreads satisfactorily—so I hope no delay will arise from that quarter.f2

It is odd that the passage to wch I referred you in your proofs—noweludes my search but it occurs very near to the note, wch you havevery properly veiled in Latin.f3

Mr Clowes has kept me waiting for his estimate of the cost ofElectrotypes— I can now inform you that I will supply the set of62 cuts for £14″   They will cost £7″ & the surplus will go todiminish our expenses for Illustrationsf4

You shall have 4 sets of the sheets as fast as they are worked off—I hope you have arranged to receive something handsome from theAmericans—in return for this advantage, wch I have given over to youwith the desire that you shd benefit. The Yankee publisher cannot failto gain.f5 I have also a request from Holland for a set for a DutchTranslation—f6 What do you say to this?

I remain My Dear Sir | Yours very faithfully | John Murray

Charles Darwin Esq

DAR 171: 379



The year is established by the relationship between this letter andthe letter from John Murray, 28 September [1870].
Murray had written to William Sweetland Dallas after CD suggestedthat Dallas be commissioned to write the index for Descent (see letter to John Murray, 26 September 1870, and letter from John Murray, 28 September [1870]). Theenclosure has not been found.
For Murray’s reference to a passage in the proof-sheets of Descent, seethe letter from John Murray, 28 September [1870] and n. 7; see also the letterto John Murray, 29 September [1870]. CD wrote Descent 2: 345 n. 53in Latin, but Murray could be referring to the quotation in Latin inDescent 2: 273.
Murray refers to illustrations for Descent and to one of thefamily members of the printers William Clowes & Sons. See letter toJohn Murray, 26 September 1870.
CD had promised the American publisher of Descent, D. Appleton &Co., sheets of the text and stereotypes of the woodcuts (see letterto John Murray, 29 September [1870] and n. 3).
Hendrik Adrianus Kramers asked Murray whether he could have early sheetsfor a translation of Descent in a letter of 13 September 1870(National Library of Scotland, John Murray Archive, Ms. 42153f. 53). The first Dutch translation of Descent was published by Ykema & VanGyn in Delft (Hartogh Heijs van Zouteveen trans. 1871–2).
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