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Letter 7314

Kovalevsky, Sophie to Darwin, C. R.

1 Sept 1870


Accepts CD’s offer to order books from the Royal Society Library.

VOK asks for information about W. B. Carpenter’s dredging expedition in the Porcupine.



1 September. 1870.


I am exceedingly thankfull for your kind offer to procure me somebooks from the library of the Royal Society;f1 and though I really fearthat I am misusing your kindness, but the book is so indispensable tome, that I decide myself to profit by it. We ascertained today, thatthe Royal Society is opened the whole month of September, and the bookfor which I should ask you an order is Jacobi. Fundamenta nova theoriaeFunctionum ellipticarum.f2 It is not a rare one and could be easilyreplaced in the improbable case of some misfortune happening to it.

I hope, that you will allow me in the course of the autumn toexpress you personally my thanks for your kindness. Remember mekindly to Mrss. Darwin and the Ladies.f3 I am glad to hear, thatyour excursion to the country has done your health a great deal of good.f4

Believe me Sir | Your’s truly | Sophie Kowalewsky

P.S. May I ask You Dear Sir if You know something of the dredgingexpedition of Mr Carpenter, I know he is at Gibraltar with thePorcupine, but will he enter the Meditteranean or confine himselfonly to the Atlantic,f5 I received to day a letter from my brotherasking me where Mr. Carpenter is; he would not shun a trip fromNaples even to Tunis or Algeria if he has a chance o meetinghim there.—f6

Yours truly | W Kovalevskyf7

DAR 169: 53



No letter from CD offering to borrow books from the Royal Society of London on Kovalevskaya’s behalfhas been found.
Jacobi 1829.
The reference is to Emma, Henrietta Emma, and Elizabeth Darwin. The Kovalevskys visited the Darwins at some point between 15 August and 1 September 1870 (see letter from V. O. Kovalevsky, 15 August [1870]).
CD stayed with William Erasmus Darwin in Southampton from 13 to 26 August (see ‘Journal’ (Appendix II)).
The dredging expedition of HMS Porcupine began in the Bay ofBiscay in July 1870 and took in parts of the Mediterranean off thenorth African coast and Sicily, concluding at the end of September 1870. William Benjamin Carpenter was in charge of the scientificoperations. See C. W. Thomson 1873, pp. 178–96.
The reference is to Alexander Onufrievich Kovalevsky. On his plansfor marine research in the Mediterranean, see the letter fromV. O. Kovalevsky, 28 February [1870].
Vladimir Kovalevsky; the ‘W’ is the German-style transliteration.
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