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Letter 7288

Lubbock, John to Darwin, C. R.

26 July [1870]


Some good men spoke for CD’s amendment, but in vain.


House of Commons

26 July

My dear Mr. Darwin

We persuaded Bruce to support your amendment, & some good menspoke for it, but as you will see all in vain.f2

Do not you think you might get most of what you want by an enquiry atone or two of the largest idiot asylums?f3

I am, dear Mr Darwin, | Yours most sincerely | John Lubbock

DAR 170: 77



The year is established by the relationship between this letter andthe letter to John Lubbock, 17 July 1870.
Lubbock refers to Henry Austin Bruce and the Census Bill of1870. See letter from William Farr, 16 July 1870 and n. 2. As well asBruce, Lyon Playfair, Donald Dalrymple, and William Rathbone spoke infavour of the amendment concerning cousin marriage (Hansardparliamentary debates 3d ser. vol. 203 (1870), cols. 1007–10).
CD had hoped to gather information on possible negative effects onthe progeny of marriages between cousins (see letter to William Farr,17 July [1870]).
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