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Letter 728

Darwin, C. R. to Geological Society

[3 Jan 1844]

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    Asks that A. d'Orbigny's geological map of S. America be sent to him with a card of the Society's evening meetings.


Down Bromley | Kent


Dear Sir

The Geological map of S. America was not sent me with D'Orbigny's work— would you please send it me and a card of the Evening meetings —either by Post, or if there are any parcels waiting for me, by “Down Coach”, from Bolt-in-Tun Fleet St.—

Yours faithfully | C. Darwin

Coach starts daily at 3 olock.

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    f1 728.f1
    Dated from surrounding letters in the Geological Society Letter Book, all of which are dated in the first week of January 1844.
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    f2 728.f2
    Orbigny 1835–47, vol. 3, pt 3: Géologie.
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    f3 728.f3
    CD was vice-president of the Society in 1844.
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    f4 728.f4
    A tavern from which coaches started for the south of England.
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