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Letter 7276

Darwin, C. R. to Günther, A. C. L. G.

15 July [1870]


Asks AG to identify the species of Triton Mr Ford has drawn.

AG’s help has turned CD’s chapter on fishes and reptiles from “much the worst” into “one of the best” [in Descent].


Down. | Beckenham | Kent. S.E.

July 15th

My dear Dr. Günther

I do not know which species of Triton, Mr Ford has drawn forme.—f2 I describe briefly in my M.S. T. punctatus. Willyou kindly write name on proofs & slip them in enclosed envelope,without troubling yourself to write a word.— My Chapt. onFishes & Reptiles, wd have been much the worst in my volume, hadit not been for your kind & most valuable assistance; & now Ithink it will be one of the best, & certainly the bestillustrated.—f3

Your’s very sincerely | Ch. Darwin

Shrewsbury School



The year is established by the reference to a proof-sheet of anillustration for Descent, which was published in February 1871 (seebelow, n. 2).
CD evidently refers to the illustration by George Henry Ford ofTriton cristatus; it appeared in Descent 2: 24 fig. 31. Ford wasmaking illustrations for Descent under Günther’s supervision (seeCorrespondence vol. 17, letter to Albert Günther, 21 September1869).
CD refers to Descent 2: 1–37. See Correspondence vols. 15–17.
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