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Letter 727

Darwin, E. A. to Darwin, C. R.

[May 1844 – 1 Oct 1846]

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    Sends calculations of angles of elevation [of sea-bottom, for South America?].

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    Swale has sent Lady Willoughby's diary, which EAD will forward to CD.


diag 1412 miles base with 200ft

gives 0o 7′ 48’

35 miles with 674 feet

gives 0o 10′ 53’ramme
Dear Charles.

Swale sent here Lady Willogby's Diary which I have transferred to Gower St to take down to you. I hope Emma was none the worse for her journey & Granny had a beautiful day for hers—

Yours. E D

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    f1 727.f1
    The date range is set by the publication of the first volume of Lady Willoughby's diary in May 1844 (Literary Advertiser) and the completion of South America. This letter is associated with two covers addressed to CD by E. A. Darwin, both with further calculations by E. A. Darwin: 1412 miles 188 feet, rise gives 7′ 20’ 486 feet rise in 35miles (2025yards to mile) gives an angle 0o 7′ 52’ 100 feet in 1412 miles gives 0o 3′ 5’
    CD has annotated these covers: 7′ 20’] ‘p 182, p. 185’ added pencil
    486 feet … 35miles] ‘((842 is the rise of the bottom of the lava in the 35 miles))’ added ink
    0o 3' 5’] ‘1' [’'‘ overo‘]. 22’ (77 & 85 fathoms)’ added ink The calculations relate to the inclination of lava flows in the valley of the Santa Cruz River described by CD in South America, pp. 116–17. According to CD's ‘Journal’ (Correspondence vol. 3, Appendix II) he worked on the book from 27 July 1844 to 1 October 1846.
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    f2 727.f2
    Ralph and William H. Swale, Booksellers, 21 Great Russell Street, London.
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    f3 727.f3
    [Rathbone] 1844–8, a fictitious diary.
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    f4 727.f4
    The Hensleigh Wedgwoods lived at 16 Gower Street.
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    f5 727.f5
    Susan Darwin, CD's sister.
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