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Letter 7250

Darwin, C. R. to Farrer, T. H.

[29 June 1870]


Encloses seeds from Fritz Müller, of a species of Passiflora, fertilised by a humble-bee.


6. Queen Anne St


My dear Farrer

I have just received from Fritz Müller the enclosed seeds“of a third species of Passiflora, the flowers of which are visitedfertilised by a large Humble-bee.”f2

Yours most sincerely | Ch. Darwin

We return home early on Friday morning: if you were in this directionon Thursday & would feel the least inclination to come to luncheonat 1 o clock, I am sure I need not say that we shd. all be very gladindeed to see you.—

Linnean Society of London



The date is established by the reference to Fritz Müller’ssending seeds of Passiflora (see letter to T. H. Farrer, 13 May [1870]), and by the dates of CD’s visit toLondon; the Darwins were in London from 24 June to 1 July 1870 (CD’s‘Journal’ (Appendix II)). The only Wednesday during this period was 29 June.
No letter from Fritz Müller accompanying the seeds has beenfound. CD, Müller, and Farrer had been discussing adaptations for pollination indifferent species of Passiflora and Tacsonia;see letter from T. H. Farrer, 29 June 1870 and n. 2.
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