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Letter 7219

Farrer, T. H. to Darwin, C. R.

5 June 1870


Has sent F. Müller “a long screed” about the Passiflora.


3, Gloucester Terrace, | Regent’s Park.

5 June/70

My dear Mr Darwin

I could not find any thing to send to F. Müller so I wrotehim a long screed of a letter, giving the gist of my notions aboutthe corona &c of Passiflora. I hope he wont be bored.f1

Sincerely yours | T H Farrer

DAR 164: 64



Fritz Müller had sent Farrer, via CD, seeds and a dried flower ofPassiflora (see letter from Fritz Müller, 16 February 1870, andletter to Fritz Müller, 12 May 1870). On Farrer’s notions about thecorona of Passiflora, see the letter to T. H. Farrer, 13 [May 1870],n. 3.
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