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Letter 7191

Darwin, C. R. to Günther, A. C. L. G.

15 May [1868]


Thanks for answer to questions.

Has analogous questions on reptiles that he will send to AG. The subject interests him, but CD must try not to fall into his common error of “being too speculative”.


Down. | Bromley. | Kent. S.E..

May 15th.

My dear Dr Günther

Sincere thanks.— Your answers are wonderfully clear &complete.f2 I have some analogous questions on Reptiles &c. which Iwill send in a few days & then I think I shall cause no moretrouble— I will get the Books, you refer me to.—f3 The caseof the Solenostoma is magnificent, so exactly analogous to thatof those birds in which the female is the more gay, but ten timesbetter for me, as she is the incubator.—f4 As I crawl on withthe successive classes I am astonished to find how similar therules are about the nuptial or “wedding dress” of all animals.The subject has begun to interest me in an extraordinary degree; butI must try not to fall into my common error of being too speculative.But a drunkard might as well say, he would drink alittle & not too much! My essay, as far as fishes, batrachians &reptiles are concerned, will be in fact yours, only written by me.—

With hearty thanks | Yours very sincerely | Ch. Darwin

Remember whenever so inclined how glad we shall be to see you here.—

Thanks for proof plates; I shall be very glad indeed to see the paper.—f5

Shrewsbury School



The year is established by the relationship between this letter andthe letter from Albert Günther, 13 May 1868.
Günther had answered questions on sexual differences in fish. Seeletter from Albert Günther, 13 May 1868 and n. 1.
See letter from Albert Günther, 13 May 1868 and nn. 6 and 11.
See letter from Albert Günther, 13 May 1868 and n. 11.
See letter from Albert Günther, 13 May 1868 and n. 3.
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