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Letter 7121

Kovalevsky, V. O. to Darwin, C. R.

28 Feb [1870]

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    Describes his brother Alexander's discovery of male of Bonellia, a striking example of dimorphism. Encloses a plate with notes on his brother's work.

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    The difficulty his wife, Sofya Kovalevsky, has had as a woman in being admitted to Berlin University. Kirchow [Gustav Robert Kirchhoff], at Heidelberg, has taken an interest in her.


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[Enclosure: 1]

1. Grown up female of Bonelia always sticking with her pyriform and in an aperture of a rock (Lacase— Ann. des Sc. Nat. vol X.)

2. Bonelia cut from the dorsal side g. ova in the Leibeshöhle, q. anal aperture; m. uterus; p. inpundibulum trough which the ova pass from the F cavity of the thorax into the uterus  v bag where the planarias live


3. Supposed male magnified 70 diam; rs receptaculum seminis t. infundibulum; h. granular mass clothing the cavity, from which undeveloped spermatozoa are cast of; s. glomercili of spermatozoans swimming freely in the cavity

4. Infundibulum of the receptae. sem. (magnified 500 diam). with flimmerzellen

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