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Letter 7119

Gray, Asa to Darwin, C. R.

27 Feb & 1 Mar 1870

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    Forwards part of a note [by Mrs L. Agassiz] asking AG to tell CD that Agassiz has never been able to secure one of the fishes sitting on eggs.

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    In P.S., AG adds, "Agassiz evidently regrets having abused you in former times."


Feb. 27, 1870

Dear Darwin

You see by this that I have followed up your request, and that there is no answer at present. I only hope that A. may be well enough to take a shot at his fish next summer. But it is far from certain.

Now news; I am working away at what I am fittest for—study of groups of N. Amer. plants one by one,— slow work, but pleasant.

My wife sends best regards—

Ever Yrs | A. Gray

P.S. March, 1.

Here comes another note from Mrs. A.—evidently intended to be sent on to you. Agassiz evidently regrets having abused you in former times.

[Enclosure: 1]

stay in England.—

Agassiz says ``ask Dr. Gray to tell Darwin that I cannot answer his question for I have never succeeded in securing one of the fishes sitting upon the eggs separately from others. They never bite at the hook at that time and as their nests are generally crowded it is impossible catch a single fish with a net. I'll try next summer by shooting at them''.

Mr Agassiz is fitter in these last few days and though his progress

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