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Letter 7112f

Darwin, H. E. to Darwin, C. R.

[After 8 Feb 1870]


Responds to note about the MS [Descent] with great interest and promises to obey his instructions. [See 7124.]


Dear F.

Thanks for your note abt the M.S.S. I will obey all yourinstructions—& I shall be extremely interested in reading it—soyou needn’t thank me for it—& here what time I spend in my own roomis so very undisturbed it goes much further.f2 When I know no humanbeing will come after me & lay out my plans for the day & stick tothem. Certainly to have you turned Parson will be a change— Iexpect I shall want it enlarging not contracting —cos I think youthink an apology is wanting for writing abt any thing so unimportantas the mind of man!

DAR 245: 33b



The date is established by the relationship between this letter andthe letter to H. E. Darwin, [8 February 1870].
See letter to H. E. Darwin, [8 February 1870]. Henriettarefers to the manuscript of Descent. From the letter fromH. E. Darwin to Emma Darwin, 17 February 1870 (DAR 245: 33a), itseems that Henrietta was in Genoa.
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