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Letter 7067

Darwin, E. A. to Darwin, C. R.

21 [Dec 1870]


Confirms number of shares.

Reports on conversation with Henry Holland.



Dear Charles.

The shares all right as you say

292 £12.10.0 @ 4%

80 Do. 412%

I find they weigh 4lbs 6oz and I suppose they will go all right by regdBook Postf2

Sir H came & gave me a great wigging for not having been invitedto luncheon the moment you came to town. He was rather in favourof Ld Salisbury being PRS— Sylvester in smoking room lastnight was saying you or D. of Devonre. ought to be Prest.—f3If Ld Sy were made he should withdraw his name at once. He got soexcited over Kantf4 & Geometry that he almost danced

You must be having jolly time with the Boysf5

Yours affec. | ED

DAR 105: B71–2


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