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Letter 7059

Wedgwood, F. J. to Darwin, H. E.


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    The expression of shame in ancients, Milton, the Bible, and in poor girls under Miss Goulay's charge.


Friday night

My dear Harrot

Miss Gourlay answers me about that case of face hiding Uncle Ch wanted in detail, but there <is> almost nothing to say. She does not specially look after that class of women but had a little school for the lowest class of child<r>en & of course some of the<se> fall into that way of life. This was a case of this kind. it was at the Lock Hospital she saw the girl, or rather did not see her, for she was in bed & as Miss G approached pulled the clothes over h<e>r face, & in spite of all her efforts to draw them off, would not allow her to do so, —so she cd not see any part of her face nor get any <ans>wer from her. Afterwards on coming out she came to Miss G for help & counsel, but took offence because she gave her too thick & coarse a pair of <bo>ots. That fact is irrelevant but I mention it to shew it was only shame made her hide her face.

I am writing on the sofa, after a bad day. I am so glad to hear of the departure from Tromers. I think Caroline is more of a person than R. but as you say it is a great subtraction to have to do without eyes.

My head is <   > stupid I wont try to write any more

Ever yr dr Harrot | FJW

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