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Letter 7044

Darwin, C. R. to Lloyd, M. C.

[24 July 1869]

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    Forwards letter from W. B. Dawkins. The bones, though not themselves interesting, may indicate the work of prehistoric man.



My dear Miss Lloyd

I have thought that you wd. perhaps like to see the enclosed from Mr Boyd Dawkins. Althought the bones themselves are not interesting, yet if he is correct that they indicate the work of Prehistoric man, they promise well, as every scrap of information about our old ancestors is valuable.

Pray believe me | Yours very truly obliged | Ch. Darwin

P.S. | If I do not hear to the contrary, I will send for the dear old Horse tomorrow at 12.—

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    f1 7044.f1
    The date is established by the relationship between this letter and the letter to W. B. Dawkins, 19 July [1869] and by the reference to borrowing Lloyd's pony the next day (see below, n. 3). The Saturday following 19 July 1869 was 24 July. CD had already left Wales by the following Saturday.
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    CD refers to William Boyd Dawkins. The enclosure has not been found but was evidently a list of extinct species whose bones had been found on property belonging to Lloyd's family (see letter to W. B. Dawkins, 19 July [1869] and nn. 2 and 3).
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    f3 7044.f3
    CD refers to Lloyd's pony, `Whitey' (see letter to J. D. Hooker, 8 July [1869] and n. 3).
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