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Letter 7043

Wedgwood, Hensleigh to Darwin, C. R.



A fragment that may contain information for Expression.


is also a sign of de〈   〉 〈      〉 〈   〉fence a way 〈      〉 a g〈      〉 the oath 〈      〉 〈   〉er stories? 〈      〉 the na〈   〉, but might ea〈   〉, be confounded wi〈 th 〉 〈      〉

H. W.

DAR 181: 53v



The date range is conjectured from the fact that this fragment of a letter is stuck to the back of the first letter from Hensleigh Wedgwood, [1867–72], and from the likelihood that the subject of this letter has something to do with that of the first letter. There are some loose fragments at DAR 181: 55 that may belong with this letter.
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