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Letter 7007

Darwin, C. R. to Appleton, D. & Co.

[24 Nov 1869]

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    CD long anxious for new American edition of Origin to incorporate corrections since 2d ed. [of 1860]; believes such updating has kept English and continental sales high. If Appleton unable to comply, he will ask Asa Gray to find another publisher.

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    Mentions possible arrangements for U. S. edition of new book [Descent].



24 November

… I have long earnestly wished for a new edition of the Origin in the United States, as it is 92 pages longer than the 2nd. edition, besides endless small though important corrections. I feel sure that the continued large sale of this book in England Germany & France has depended on my keeping up each edition to the existing standard of science. I hope I am right in supposing that Messrs. Appleton are willing to print in some form a new edition, for though unwilling to act in a disobliging manner towards them I had resolved soon to write to Professor Asa Gray to ask him to find some publisher who would print the new edition of the Origin, on condition of my supplying him with the sheets of my new book as they were printed & which book will probably have a large sale … I should like in case the answer is favorable to send in M.S. half a dozen small corrections for the Origin …

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