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Letter 6966

Darwin, C. R. to Cooke, R. F. & (John Murray, Publishers)

[22 Feb 1869]

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    Assumes Murray will give permission for French translation of Orchids; asks that stereotypes of woodcuts be supplied at cost, since if expensive the work will not appear.


6 Queen Anne St


My dear Sir

I have just been applied to for permission for a French translation of my Orchis book. As Mr Murray has never objected, I have assumed that he will not in this case. I write now to ask whether you will supply, if required, stereotypes of the woodcuts at prime cost, or only at a slight increase; for if there is any large charge, I feel nearly sure that the work will not appear, which I should regret. If in your power would you let me have an answer by tomorrow evening as we return home early on Wednesday morning.

Dear Sir | yours very faithfully | Ch. Darwin

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    The date is established by the relationship between this letter and the letter from Ernest Faivre, 18 February 1869. In 1869, the Monday following 18 February was 22 February.
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    See letter from Ernest Faivre, 18 February 1869.
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    John Murray had supplied woodcuts for the German translation of Orchids (Bronn trans. 1862; see Correspondence vol. 10, letter to H. G. Bronn 25 April [1862]). CD had also given approval for Murray to supply the woodcuts from Orchids to Mary Somerville for Somerville 1869 (see Correspondence vol. 14, letter to M. E. Lyell, [19 October 1866] and nn. 2 and 3).
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    CD was in London from 16 to 24 February 1869 (see CD's `Journal' (Correspondence vol. 17, Appendix II)).
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