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Letter 6959

Darwin, C. R. to Vogt, Carl

30 Oct 1869

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    Thanks for proposal about translation [of Descent]. Will write to J. V. Carus to make agreement with publisher.

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    Hopes JVC's holding CD's views only secondary cause of loss of professorship.


Down. | Beckenham | Kent. S.E.

Oct 30 1869

My dear Sir

I thank you very much for yr letter & for your proposal about the translation, which I look at as a very great honour; & I feel certain that it wd have made my book much more widely known— But I have already partly agreed with Carus, & now that I hear for the first time about the loss of the professorship I will write at once & tell him what you have said, & will propose to him to make the best bargain he can with any publisher in Germany whom he may prefer. I am much obliged to you for giving me this information with so much kind sympathy for Carus.

As Leukart is so distinguished a man, I hope that Carus holding my views may be only a very secondary cause of the loss of the professorship.

With my cordial thanks for yr proposal about the translation, so honourable to me, & with the hope that I may some time have the real pleasure of making your personal acquaintance I remain my dear Sir | yours very faithfully | Charles Darwin

P.S. I may add that my book will not be ready for a considerable time, but my publisher insisted on a notice.

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    See letter from Carl Vogt, 26 October 1869.
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    Julius Victor Carus had been a candidate for a professorship in zoology at Leipzig, but the position went to Rudolf Leuckart (see letter from Carl Vogt, 26 October 1869 and n. 6).
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    CD refers to John Murray and to the notice in the Academy 1 (1869--70): 15--16 of Descent.
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