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Letter 6942

Darwin, C. R. to Innes, J. B.

18 Oct 1869

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    CD gets so many foolish letters from foolish people he has little heart to write to friends.

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    Gives Down news.

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    R. H. Hutton, editor of the Spectator, is a clever man.

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    CD has been much abused, praised, and chaffed by newspapers lately.


Down. | Beckenham | Kent. S.E.

Octr. 18 | 69

My dear Innes

I was wishing to hear some news of you, & had thought of writing, but I get so many foolish letters from foolish people, that I seldom have the heart to write to my friends. There is hardly any news to tell you of your old Parish.— Mr Powell has taken Mr Engleheart's House & this I am very glad of, as he will now be able to look after the Parish & school, & I daresay he will be active & kind; but I rather doubt whether he is above the average in sense.— We suspect on very slight grounds that he is going to be married; for he has given notice to Amy Duberry that a Lady will soon teach in the Sunday School.— Possibly it may be Mrs Lovegrove.— I hear of no chance of a parsonage being built; Mr Powell wished to get up a subscription, but I doubt whether he will succeed.— I offered 20 £ which he seemed to think very small, but I shall not increase the amount; for I see no reason that the Parsonage shd cost 16 or 1700 £, as he proposes.

Mr Engleheart's lungs (& I fear purse also) failed him; & he is to us a fearful loss as a doctor.

I have neither seen nor heard anything of the Lubbocks for an age—but this is not true for I often hear their Harriers in the morning. Mrs. H. Lubbock finds Gorringes so dull that they intend taking a London House, & coming occasionally to the Farm for the hunting in the winter; & I suspect poor Henry Lubbock is ready to hang himself at the thought of his London life.—

I have not seen or heard of Mr Huttons remarks on me at the Liverpool congress; & this I regret, for I suppose it is Mr Hutton, editor of the Spectator, who is a very clever man, who feels a deep interest in religion, though he wd be considered by all Churchmen as highly Latitudinarian.— The newspapers have lately been abusing, praising & chaffing me at a great rate.—

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    f1 6942.f1
    See letter from J. B. Innes, 15 October 1869.
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    CD refers to Henry Powell, the curate, and Stephen Paul Engleheart.
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    f3 6942.f3
    Amy Duberry was the Sunday-school teacher in Down (see Correspondence vol. 16, letter from J. B. Innes, 18 June [1868]). CD also refers to Henrietta Lovegrove.
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    f4 6942.f4
    For Powell's estimate of the cost of building a parsonage, see also the letter from John Lubbock, 20 July [1869].
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    f5 6942.f5
    Henry James Lubbock and Frances Mary Lubbock were evidently living at Gorringes, a house in Down (Freeman 1978).
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    f6 6942.f6
    CD refers to Richard Holt Hutton and a paper he delivered at the Liverpool Church Congress. See letter from J. B. Innes, 15 October 1869 and n. 2.
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