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Letter 6909

Henslow, George to Darwin, C. R.

25 Sept 1869

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    Thanks for a paper on phyllotaxy.


St John's Parsonage | St John's Wood

Sep 25 /69

Dear Mr Darwin.

Many thanks for the pamphlet sent, & duly received—on additions to fertility of Orchids; & which has interested me much. I must apologize for not having returned a paper on Phyllotaxis. I cannot understand part of it at all; viz: about the ``rectangle'' & the letters to the fig I found are wrong in some places. Though the rest of the paper is interesting.

I beg to send you a copy of my Expression on same subject.

Hoping you are in good health | believe me | yrs very truly | Geo Henslow

Ch Darwin Esq

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    The reference is to `Fertilization of orchids'.
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    Henslow refers to C. de Candolle 1865. See C. de Candolle 1865, p. 208, for the `rectangle' and p. 205 for the figure. CD's annotated copy, a separately paginated offprint, is in the Darwin Pamphlet Collection--CUL. For CD's own interest in phyllotaxy, see Correspondence vol. 11.
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    Henslow had presented a paper on phyllotaxy at the Linnean Society in April 1868 (Henslow 1868). See also Correspondence vol. 16, letter from George Henslow, 13 April 1868.
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