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Letter 681

Darwin, C. R. to Waterhouse, G. R.

8 July 1843

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    Testimonial letter for GRW for position at British Museum.


Athenæum Club

July 8. 1843

My dear Waterhouse.

I have heard with much satisfaction that you have applied for a place in the British Museum. I feel that it is in some degree presumptuous on my part to express any opinion of the Zoological acquirements of a naturalist, so infinitely my superior in that department. But I can say with entire truth, that I have for many years admired your skill & accuracy in discriminating species, your powers of generalization & your untiring zeal in the cause of Zoology.— For the advancement of Natural History, and for the services, which I am sure, you will render to the Curators of the magnificent collection at the British Museum, fully as much as for your own good, you have my earnest wishes for your success.

Believe me | Your sincere friend | Charles Darwin

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    Waterhouse had lost his position at the Zoological Society. For the circumstances, see letter from G. R. Waterhouse, 9 August 1843.
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