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Letter 678

Darwin, C. R. to Darwin, E. A.

[before 1 Oct 1844]

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    Writes about canal shares EAD holds as trustee.




My dear Eras.

I have heard from Jos that he has been obliged (somehow owing to a transference being necessary, & it being impossible to transfer from his own name as executor, to his own as Trustee) to put the Trent & Mersey & Monmouths Canal shares, belonging to Emma, in your sole name. He sends a paper for you to sign, & date which he says I am to keep. He says the Trent & Mersey will send their receipt to you to sign, & when signed you can send it either to me [or] to Robarts for me, which latter wd be best, as saving a letter.

For the Monmouths Canal shares you will have to write half yearly to a Newport Banker & he will pay the money direct to me.— I will half-yearly remind you & give you the Banker address, & number of the shares.

I am glad the Trent & Mersey shares, will give you no more trouble than your own ones do, & I shd think you cd arrange for them to be sent together.—

I intend coming up on Tuesday & mean to dine at the Athenæum I shall sleep two nights in London

Ever yours | C. Darwin

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    Dated by reference to the letter to Solicitor?, 1 October 1844, which deals with the same share transactions.
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