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Letter 677A

Darwin, C. R. to Smith, Elder & Co.

29 June [1843]

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    Requests information as to means of sending two pamphlets to a professor in the United States.


Down. | Bromley | Kent

June 29th

Dear Sir

Would you so far oblige me as to inform me, whether you have the means to send (at the expence of not more than a few shillings) two quarto pamphlets to a Professor at Massachussetts in the United States— I am anxious to send to him two Papers of mine & have no notion how to effect it.

Excuse me troubling you & believe me Yours very faithfully | C. Darwin

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    Neither the papers referred to nor their intended recipient have been identified, although it is possible that CD wished to send copies of his geological papers to Louis Agassiz, professor of natural history at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. At this time, CD did not know Asa Gray, professor of botany at Harvard.
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