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Letter 6715

Murray, John (b) to Darwin, C. R.

28 Apr [1869]

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    Has sold 400 copies of Facts and arguments for Darwin. It is a poor time for bookselling.

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    Last Quarterly Review has best exposition of Darwinism he has met with [A. R. Wallace, "Geological climates, and origin of species", Q. Rev. 126 (1869): 359–94].

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    Proposes to print 2000 copies of a new [5th] edition of Origin.


50, Albemarle St. | W.

Ap. 28

My Dear Sir

It appears that I have sold 400 copies of Muller out of 1000 printed. It is a very bad time for Bookselling, this—indeed for every kind of business. I was sorry to hear you had met with an accident— Did you get the last Quarterly? It seems to me the best exposition of the Darwinian Theory I have met with

I propose to print 2000 copies of the new Edition of Origin of Species & hope to reduce the price to the original s14/— Mr Hegt's book is sent off.

My Dear Sir | Yours very faithfully | John Murray

Ch Darwin Esqre

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    The year is established by the reference to Dallas trans. 1869 (see n. 2, below).
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    William Sweetland Dallas's translation of Fritz Müller's Für Darwin (Dallas trans. 1869, F. Müller 1864a) was published in March 1869 (see letter from Robert Cooke, 12 March 1869).
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    f3 6715.f3
    Murray refers to a review by Alfred Russel Wallace in the Quarterly Review ([Wallace] 1869b). On CD's accident, see the letter to A. R. Wallace, 14 April 1869 and n. 12.
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    f4 6715.f4
    Murray refers to the fifth edition of Origin.
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    f5 6715.f5
    CD had asked Murray to send J. Noordhoek Hegt a copy of his Journal of researches (see letter to J. N. Hegt, 27 April [1869]).
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