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Letter 650

Darwin, C. R. to Jackson, Julian

13 Oct [1842]

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    Discusses JJ's proposed review of his volume [Coral reefs].


Down | Bromley | Kent

My dear Sir

I feel your intention of drawing up a short account of my volume, as a very great compliment, & from your knowledge of all kindred subjects I shall have the greatest interest in seeing it.— As the subject of coral-reefs is not of any immediate local interest, very few have been at the pains of reading my volume;— I must, however, except Mr Lyell who seems to have read it with close attention & has written to me a most flattering criticism.— With respect to your doubts, where to insert your analysis, I do not feel able to aid you. There is much more dignity in an analysis in the Journal than in any periodical;— on the other hand, the considerable delay is a very serious drawback—to an anxious author. Your own judgment will probably be so much better than mine on this point, that I hope you will turn it in your own mind, & decide whichever is most agreeable to yourself & best for the welfare of my small volume.—

With many thanks Believe me | My dear Sir | Yours very sincerely | C. Darwin
Octob. 13th
To Col. Jackson &c &c

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    Jackson 1842.
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