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Letter 647

Darwin, C. R. to Geological Society

4 Oct 1842

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    Papers by T. J. Newbold [Proc. Geol. Soc. Lond. 3 (1842): 702–5], T. C. Hunt [3 (1842): 565–6] and J. Phillips [3 (1842): 705–6] need not be printed in Transactions of the Geological Society.



I am of opinion that everything of importance in “Mr Newbolds Paper on Rock Basins in the bed of the Toombuddra” in “Mr J. Phillips three communications on some caves, on the discovery of an ancient causeway with Elephants bones beneath it, and on pumice found in sinking a well,” & in “Mr Consul Hunts Report on the destruction of Praya in the Azores by an earthquake,” is fully given in the Proceedings, and therefore that these communications need not be printed in the Transactions

Charles Darwin
October 4th 1842

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    f1 647.f1
    Newbold 1842.
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    Phillips 1842. This is not John Phillips, the Yorkshire geologist, but possibly an employee of John Taylor, Treasurer of the Geological Society, who had a mining company in Mexico and who communicated Phillips' paper to the Society.
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    f3 647.f3
    Hunt 1841.
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