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Letter 6424

Darwin, C. R. to Tyndall, John

20 Oct 1868

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    Invites JT to come to Down with the Asa Grays and Hookers.


Down. | Bromley. | Kent. S.E.

Oct. 20 1868

My dear Tyndall

The Asa Grays & Hookers are coming here on Saturday next, & it would give us all very great pleasure if you cd spare the time to come to us on that day & stay the Sunday with us.

We dine at 7.30—& your best route will be by S.E. Railway from Charing Cross to Orpington Station, which is 4 miles from this house. Very many thanks for your note about Hinrichs whose papers I sent to you.

I am sure you will excuse me in taking the privileges of an invalid & often leaving my guests.

My dear Tyndall | yours very sincerely. | Charles Darwin

P.S. You wd find 4.18. or 5.8. from Charing Cross convenient trains & if you will let me know which I will send a fly from here—

If you come to Bromley (6 miles off) flys are plentiful

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    f1 6424.f1
    Emma Darwin reported in her diary (DAR 242) that the Hookers, the Grays and Tyndall, among others, arrived at Down on 24 October 1868. Asa and Jane Loring Gray stayed at Down for the week; Joseph Dalton Hooker, and possibly his children Harriet Anne and William Henslow Hooker, also stayed for at least some of the time (see letter from J. D. Hooker, [28 September 1868]).
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    f2 6424.f2
    CD refers to Gustavus Detlef Hinrichs. See letter from John Tyndall, 9 October 1868 and n. 3.
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