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Letter 6415

Darwin, C. R. to Müller, H. L. H.

9 Oct 1868

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    Pleased HM says good words for Pangenesis.


Down, Bromley, Kent

Oct: 9. 1868.

My dear Sir

<missing text?>

I am pleased that you say a few good words for pangenesis, for this hypothesis has had few friends. Your brother, who would be one of the best judges in the world, seems very doubtful. It has certainly cleared my mind and shown me the connection between various classes of facts in a surprising and satisfactory manner. <missing text?>

Yours very faithfully | Charles Darwin

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    f1 6415.f1
    No letter from Hermann Müller discussing CD's hypothesis of pangenesis, presented in Variation 2: 357--404, has been found.
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    f2 6415.f2
    See letter from Fritz Müller, 22 April 1868.
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